Savu Sea Alliance: Empowering Communities, Saving Marine Life

The Savu Sea in East Indonesia is home to one of the world's largest manta ray fisheries. In January 2014, the future of this industry changed forever when the Indonesian government announced its momentous manta ray fishing ban.

Our team of dedicated and passionate individuals specialises in working with specific hunting communities to safeguard the future of manta rays, whale sharks and cetaceans. With full cooperation from the Indonesian government, the Savu Sea Alliance is working with the local community to change its future.

We combine marine conservation and research with community engagement and education.

We develop practical programs which offer alternative employment to hunters who commit to stop killing mantas and other marine megafauna. 



As of the beginning 2017, our sustainable fisheries collective counted 55 ex-manta ray fishermen among its members and our team rescued 5 whale sharks that were caught as by-catch. 

Together with the government and our NGO partners, our goal is to create a network of passionate stewards who will protect their marine resources from illegal and unsustainable threats.