This World Oceans Week, Misool private island resort and Misool Foundation have teamed up for a one-off fundraiser to support their joint mission to protect the world’s richest reefs in South Raja Ampat.  Between June 4th and June 9th all donations up to $25,000 will be matched by Misool Resort.

This campaign has the potential to raise an incredible $50,000 for Misool Foundation, providing critical support for maintaining the 300,000 acre Misool Private Marine Reserve. Join us now to become a part of this conservation success story.  

The ongoing protection of this unique ecosystem is contingent upon the 24/7 patrols carried out by Misool’s privately funded Ranger Patrol Unit. As the underwater life thrives and prospers, the threat from shark-finners and long-line fishermen increases proportionately. Without constant vigilance, the pristine reefs and the unique creatures that call this place home are at risk.



Donate to Misool Foundation

Gifts to our registered Indonesian charity Misool  Foundation/Yayasan Misool Baseftin will be matched 100% by Misool Resort


Donate now via WildAid

Donations to Misool  Foundation  through our 501(c)3 registered partner WildAid are tax-deductible for US tax payers. Gifts will be matched 100% by Misool Resort

Ongoing funding is critical if we are to sustain our patrol unit and develop conservation programmes in the area.  This spectacularly beautiful region is also incredibly fragile, and we have to do everything in our power to protect it, for all life that depends on it now and for generations to come. This week we are amplifying our impact by reinvesting our business’ profits into our conservation initiatives.  And by doing so we safeguard our most valuable asset – a healthy and thriving marine ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to donate with a double impact and become part of the story of protecting the world’s richest reefs.

Misool Resort has worked to protect this region from all fishing and extractive activities since 2005.  Misool Foundation was formalised in 2011 and manages a suite of conservation programs.  In addition to managing the 300,000 Misool Private Marine Reserve, the Foundation operates a community recycling program, a  Manta Ray research project, community education programmes, turtle release programme, and a coral rehabilitation programme. 

This impactful collaboration demonstrates the power of private enterprises and non-profit organisations working in unison to protect nature.

"Misool represents one of the most pristine reef systems left on earth — one of only a handful of places in the universe where biodiversity is improving rather than declining."

Dr. Mark Erdmann, marine biologist, coral reef ecologist, and Vice President of Conservation International’s Asia-Pacific marine programs