The ongoing protection of this unique ecosystem is contingent upon the 24/7 patrols carried out by Misool’s privately funded Ranger Patrol Unit. As the underwater life thrives and prospers, the threat from shark-finners and long-line fishermen increases proportionately. Without constant vigilance, the pristine reefs and the unique creatures that call this place home are at risk.

We need your help to do it.  The annual budget for all of Misool Foundation's programs is close to 1 million USD.  Just operating the Ranger Patrol to protect the Misool Private Marine Reserve costs nearly 250,000 USD.  

Donations of any size are appreciated.  We are an extremely cost-effective organization, and funds go a long way in Indonesia:

  • 30 USD buys enough fuel for our Community Recycling vessel to collect rubbish from 4 local Misool Villages

  • 400 USD buys enough fuel for one patrol around the 300,000 acre/1220 sq km Misool Marine Reserve

  • 3,000 USD covers our Misool Ranger Patrol's monthly payroll